Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Guru

The Guru is the one who guides us along the path which connects us to the Divine,a path we all seem to have forgotten.He makes us realise that God lies within and and helps us to to realise Him.He is the one who brings about the union of the Atma with the Paratma.The Atma is the spirit,essentially a part of the Supreme Being.The Guru incarnates just to help those who are "ready'to journey on this path and it is only those who are 'ready" are fortunate enough to come in contact with him for his blessings,based on their Karmas.
The journey is simply beautiful and breathtaking and makes one realise the difference between "happiness" and "bliss".Happiness is a result of fulfillment of material desires while bliss is due to one's close proximity with Him.All this happens when the Guru "iniates'us by bestowing on us "Naam Daan",and teaching us to connect with Him by the Anhad Shabd(similar to The Word mentioned in the Bible,as this is supposed to be the origin of the world).This has been practised by Muslim sufis as well.


dev said...

There is going to be a shivir at the end if this month in Delhi.

In this shivir, the guru is going to put "sanjeevani"" in all the attendees.

Now , what is this "sanjeevani" ?
Can You comment


Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

I am not aware of this "Sanjeevni"but it appears to be some sort of initiation(or Naam Dan) by the Guru.True gurus (ie those who have actually travelled the entire path themselves)give Naam Dan only when they are sure that the person actually deserves it and is a true seeker for truth.It is understood that Naam Dan is not given away easily nor for publicity.A true guru will not publisize and can make out who is likely to be a student/disciple.He does not believe in just adding numbers to his sect.
Naam cannot also be just 'put"into an attendee but there is a method.
On the other hand 'Sanjeevni' may well be some sort of medicine/herb which this so called guru wishes to give away free.
Who is this guru and where is the shivir going to be held?
Kabir has said that those who are fortunate enough to have been able to make contact with the Satguru,always hide that they have and never publisize.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of our birth?