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The Guru

YesWhen travelling on the path of truth one realises that all along God has been trying to communicate with us but we have been far to busy to understand this.A true guru is one who has been been listening to Him and communicating with Him.The Guru then tries to make his disciple understand this to and fro communication and helps the student move forward in the right direction


Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

What is intuition?This is one of the many ways God communicates with us.It is a gift with which we have been bestowed but don't know it.Very often it tells us what to do,but most of the times we don't listen to it.At other times it tells us what NOT to do ....again most of us do not heed it.
As one gets closer to Him,which one does by "looking within", (something which I think needs to be taught to us by a Guru who has travelled the path of truth),our intuition improves mainly because we realise that He is "talking" to us and we are receptive and listen.
To receive His teachings or messages we must be "open" meaning that we surrender to him.
it has been said "knowing others is knowledge but knowing oneself is enlightenment" true!
As one traverses further and further on the True path,our receptivity also improves so also our intuition and we realise that all beings are part and parcel of the great Supreme Being.It then dawns upon us that we are all connected to each other! If one believes this to be true then why do or say something to hurt anyone,for to do so you are hurting yourself and in the process showing disrespect to HIM,the creator!
Someone has very rightly said that whenever one speaks he/she should speak as if 'speaking to oneself',this way one will never say anything hurtful,nor show overconfidence or diffidence.
All this is possible with proper guidance by a God realised Guru,who has long ago has learned the art of communicating with Him.
The guru can 'feel"God speaking to him,for the language of God is 'Love","joy' and 'truth'.This entire Universe is a form of ENERGY,akin to HIM,therfore,"vibrations"assume great significance."Positive "vibes attract or thoughts attract more positivity while "negative"vibes or thoughts dispel.It is believed that Positive thoughts come from angels while negative ones do so from Satan.Therefore,the "highest" thoughts originate from Him and the highest on the spectrum is the language of LOVE which leads to a feeling of extreme happiness hich is 'BLISS"(It is generally believed that happiness one feels on fruition of a materialistic desire while bliss occurs when one is "connected" to Him).
negative thoughts like,jealousy,greed,hate,anger etc are very low down on the spectrum and originate from the subconscious mind governed by Satan.

Vijay Mohan Kohli said...
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Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

Dev Bansal to me
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Following are only additions to your thought process--------

Sun is millions of miles away from us. Yet , if sun cools down, we will also cool down and die.That means sun is an integral part of our living being. If we look carefully, the ocean of air wrapped around us is the thing which is responsible for your life, my life, everybody's life. This air is also integral part of everybody's life.

We had a well in our house in our village house. That well , we called as our well. But if we follow the stream of that well, we will come across the stream of neighbours well also. That stream will meet the streams of so many wells and after sufficiently long time the ocean also.
That would imply that the all wells are basically connected to ONE ocean.

Imagining that all humans and the universe is the manifestation of the same supreme power/god.



With best regards

For Tower People

Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

Your analogy of water in the well getting connected to a stream which in turn goes and joins the ocean very beautifully portrays our life as well.Just as the water in the well probably is not aware that it is part and parcel of the ocean to which it should go back to,so also we have all forgotten where we have come from and what is our purpose in life?The drop of water,once it gets connected to the ocean loses its charecteristics but something much more wonderful happens to it ….. it becomes the ocean with all its charecteristics!No semblance of the drop remains!This has been beautifully described by Kabir.

The point now arises as to how does one regain connection with the ONE(like the ocean in case of water).ONE is ALL THERE IS/the Supreme Being/God.We can choose any of these names.
If one is eager for this union to take place we need the blessings and guidance of some one who has already established this connection.That some one is the Guru or Swami.A true guru,once convinced about the student’s hunger for the truth initiates him/her and guides him along and teaches him how to meditate.The student,if he is a true seeker will start hearing the ‘Anhad Shabd”with regular meditation and ‘simran”.Anhad is the music which continuously keeps playing inside us,and brings about union with Him.This music cannot be played by any instrument,neither can it be taught or imitated but can only be appreciated.It is only those who hear it on a regular basis realize it and merge with its beauty. Depending on how eager the student is and how much he/she practices this form of meditation he progresses.His progress is also very largely dependant on his surrender to his guru,his total faith in him.(the charecteristics of the True Guru have been mentioned before)
This takes the student on a beautiful and breathtaking journey which has many stages.If he is lucky and really blessed he may develop ‘divya drishti”which enables him to appreciate God’s creations and beauty in different forms.All this happens when his ‘Third Eye”gets opened.All these visions are not possible with the naked eye,nor can anyone appreciate the accompanying sounds with the human ear. Opening of the third eye is synonymous with the term Enlightenment.
This journey,towards God realization,is actually the union of the Atma(Soul)with the Paratma(ONE) and is directed inwards,or within.You realize that He resides within and not outside,therefore one does not need to actually GO anywhere else ie neither to the mountains/ caves or the Himalyas to find him.We are actually living on a treasure but don’t know it!If we only lust looked inside with proper guidance we would have this invaluable treasure in our grasp!
All of these have been alluded to by earlier Masters/Prophets/Jesus Christ/Kabir/Guru Nanak and many more.They have actually ‘seen”His” glory and marveled at it.

Our human birth, described as “top of the creation” by Jesus Christ is a gift to us as it is only in this form that we have the choice and ability to go back to where we came from otherwise we would continue to wander around in this cycle of birth/rebirth in various forms depending upon our karmas and what our soul wishes to experience.It is only when the soul wishes to EXPERIENCE God that it takes its first step to reunite with HIM and break this cycle of birth/rebirth so that he/she is not born again,and is totally FREE!This is what has been labeled as MOKSHA.This will happen only through a true Guru’s teachings.
What is the biggest obstacle to this reunion?We may not realize it but our EGO tries to prevent us from uniting with Him.Ego is ever so subtle….most of us do not even know that we are egoistic as the present world we live in seems to make it out to be a virtue.In reality it is a type of disease which is eating us up and taking us further and further away from the is enveloped by an ‘armour” which is difficult to pierce unless and until one comes in contact with a God realized Guru,whose teachings slowly but surely disempower this envelope and help us in realizing Him.
As the student manages to establish this connection he gradually realizes what ONENESS is and a host of beautiful changes start taking place in him.