Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Soul

The soul is the essence of our being,and continues from one incarnation to another and akin to our genetic make up.It is something like a very vibrant energy which is actually very powerful and,therefore,so close to the Divine!Blessed are those who can get a peek into their souls as then they are then in very close proximity to the Almighty.The soul is the "spirit'of God.


Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

People like Gautam Budha,Sant Kabir,Guru Nanak are just a few examples of the enlightened souls who were probably part of the Great Supreme Being!

Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

It is said that a true 'Guru'has all the virtues of the One from whom we have all originated.They are the ones who have 'realized"God and have incarnated to lead others to follow the true path,the path which we have all forgotten.
We are born as human beings because He has given us a chance to evolve into better humans.Inthis we are guided by a guru who teaches us the method of connecting with Him and guides us to become one with Him.
How does one connect to a Guru?
Well,based on our Karma,if we are true seekers for truth,a guru will appear and guide us on our path.This,however happens when we surrender ourselves totally to him.
How does one recognise a true Guru?
A true Guru will allways give but never ask for anything.
He is one whose mere presence gives one a sense of profound happiness and one feels being blessed with undeniably positive vibrations.As one goes further and further on the path one "sees"a brilliant aura of which He is a part.

Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

It is said that "when the pupil is ready the guru appears".This certainly happens to be true.
The term 'being ready'means that one has come to a state(by gradual evolution of out thoughts/actions) making us wonder and question about so many things which are happening around us,in other words one starts seeking answers to so many questions which apparently cannot be answered by the people around us.
When we are true seekers for truth opportunity presents us with some one who is God realised and has the charecteristics of a true 'Guru'.
There are no 'accidents' in life.....whatever happens to us is for a purpose,when we meet someone it is for a purpose too.We probably will not understand the true purpose immediately but gradually it may become apparent. This phenomenon has been called"Synchronicity'
Meeting a true Guru is one such thing.
He comes in our lives to make us realise that our 'soul"is part of the 'Parmatma"or the Supreme Being and if we are receptive to his teachings,we can learn to connect or become'one"with God. One now realises that our our 'soul'or spirit which had become seperated from Him is now gradually merging imperceptively with the One.
This brings about profound changes in us and start developing love for our fellow humans as well as other beings as it now gradually becomes clear to us that ALL beings,being part of Him,are connected at some level or the other!

Anonymous said...

Someone has rightly said that"we are spiritual beings having a human experience"!
Our life journey is two fold,one part is the one we are "living"ie the present human one and the other part of our journey is the one which occurs when we have passed on,about which we know so very little.What type of the "after life"is going to be depends entirely on how we "live" this present one.
The God realised Guru is the one who guides us on to the true path.

Vijay Mohan Kohli said...

It seems that practically all the present religions have been reduced to rituals only(to quote Maulana Wahidudin)and the actual "spirit"of each religion has been relegated to the back burner.