Saturday, November 29, 2014

'What Matters On The Path"

Words don’t matter……it is the WORD that matters. Names don’t matter…it is the NAME that matters. The loudness of the chants don’t matter…it is the SOUND OF SILENCE that matters. It is not gold that matters….it is the GOLDEN LIGHT that matters. Our selves don’t matter…it is the SELF that matters. Our thoughts don’t matter…it is THOUGTLESSNESS that matters. it is not how much I know that matters …it is what I have EXPERIENCED that matters It is not happiness that matters …it is BLISS that matters It is not ‘I “ that matters ….it Is HE who matters It is not ego that matters… is HUMILITY that matters Outside beauty does not matter…it is the BEAUTY OF THE SOUL that matters Words don’t matter….it is the WORD that matters

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